Serving poor and homeless families
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At Metropolitan Ministries, we see the potential in all of our clients.

They complete an intense 12 month program, in which they work on and improve all areas of their lives.  Internally, clients attend 12 weeks of employment classes and complete a 140-hour job training program. Externally, our clients receive educational certifications from local Technical and Community Colleges.

Our clients are skilled and motivated individuals who simply need an opportunity.We are seeking employers who will enable them to reach their full potential. In these ever changing economic times, for many in our community a job is the difference between stability and homelessness. Please consider the difference you can make in the lives of families in our community by becoming an Employer Partner and call 813.209.1076 today to schedule an appointment with an Employment Counselor. 

We provide: 

• Employee referral
• Placement assistance
• Ongoing employee relationship support for 90 days
• A motivated, educated employee eager and excited to get to work
• Random drug screenings
• Background checks

The government provides: 

• Significant tax benefits in hiring former welfare recipients
• Tax credits of up to $8,500 for each employee through federal programs
• Tax write-offs of about $2,400 if you hire an ex offender
• Federal bonding program offers employer insurance of around $5000

“The cries of jobs, jobs, jobs are being heard all around America. Metropolitan Ministries' Uplift U answers with meaningful results and a simple refrain: You are not alone.”
           ~ Ernest Hooper, Metro Columist, Tampa Bay Times article

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