After living a hard childhood, Dennis continued to suffer as an adult, living in and out of shelters. After being laid off from his job, Dennis and his family found themselves living in their car. Seeking food and shelter, they came to Metropolitan Ministries.

Dennis and his wife travel a good distance every day to Biztech, one of Metropolitan Ministries’ partnering schools. They can attend classes at Biztech to help them with their career path while their son has a place to stay and attend school.

“To go straight from being in the scenario I was in, living in my car or even Metropolitan Ministries, and having a second chance in life means how much my life has changed,” Dennis said.

Dennis soon plans to start his new career and set money aside for his son in the future.

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Trudy is a mom of three who escaped as violent history of domestic violence. In fact, as many as 80% of our residents are fleeing for their lives by the time they get to us, homeless and alone. Together, we can turn their tears of pain into tears of joy.

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