Hillsborough County

Although our activities in Hillsborough are centered in Tampa, we provide support for those in need throughout the entire county. Tonight, more than 9,500 are homeless. Even worse, 8,000 of them will not even be able to find a bed at a shelter.

This is why the work that we accomplish with you is so important. Together we help people not only survive in the midst of homelessness but develop the tools that they need to get out of it.

Keep reading to see all of the ways that families in need are finding hope because of you.

The Latest On Our Work In Tampa and Hillsborough County

Our efforts in Hillsborough County and downtown Tampa never stop. We thought we’d share with you the latest updates and stories about our work in Tampa.

Never Give Up

Posted by Medina in Hillsborough Client Stories on April 1, 2015

Longer Lines a Sign of the Times?

Posted by Nancy Olds in Holidays Hillsborough Client Stories Community Impact on October 22, 2014

Help Fill The Pantry

Posted by Nancy Olds in Hillsborough on August 29, 2014

Could you sleep well tonight knowing that one of the neighbor kids was going to bed hungry?

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Services in Hillsborough County

We provide comprehensive services to Hillsborough County at our main campus in downtown Tampa. We also work through numerous partners to ensure that we can help as many people as possible.

Food: We provide hot meals and food assistance to families who cannot afford the food they need to survive.
Housing: Families in need of emergency shelter and transitional housing find it on our main campus, MiraclePlace, on Florida Ave.
Children’s Services: Families can find vital help and education opportunities for young children.
Life Skills: One of the best ways to help people overcome hardship is to equip them with skills. We help adults finish their GED and prepare for future jobs through training.
Resources: We often don’t realize how much we take for granted. Things like mailboxes, having an ID or being able to file our taxes. It’s hard when you’re homeless. We equip people with basic life skills that make self-sufficiency a reality.

Life Change In Hillsborough County

Life change really happens. Doubters would say that no one can overcome poverty or homelessness. No one can turn their life around. The doubters are wrong. Bryan’s story proves that. His family participated in our programs when he was a child. His entire life was changed because of it.

Get Involved in Your Community.

We count on generous people like you to help the poor and homeless in our community. Since Tampa is the center of our activities, there are numerous different ways to get involved. Here are a few that you may be interested in:

Give to provide meals, shelter & vital programing.

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