The Purposeful Design of MiraclePlace…

Six months. That’s how long a typical family spends on the street. Can you imagine? Supportive Housing and the right programs can keep a family from becoming homeless again. MiraclePlace provides a vital community for homeless families receive help, hope and support while they get back on their feet.

While some of these families simply need assistance in finding affordable housing solutions, many need intensive counseling to overcome the trauma associated with homelessness. MiraclePlace is about the promise of a better life and restoring hope.

MiraclePlace is a critical response to crisis of family homelessness. It was only possible because of our generous partners. Now, 100 families and 250 children have a home base as they work toward self-sufficiency.


A Look Inside MiraclePlace

At MiraclePlace, the Tampa Bay community comes together to rebuild dreams and restore lives.

 Supported Housing 

Our Uplift U® Residential Program provides a setting where homeless families can receive help, hope and support while they work to get back on their feet. Uplift U® provides the safety and security of a home enabling the Ministries to serve 100 families and approximately 250-300 children on any given day.

Uplift U® is about the promise of a better life. It’s about restoring hope with the knowledge that though they might be suffering, they need not go through it alone.

 Temporary Housing 

For women and families experiencing temporary homelessness. Sometimes, unemployment is the only barrier to housing. Here, families can stay together while they find work and save for their own housing while also taking advantage of our programs.

 Early Childhood Education Center

PromiseLand is where children of our residents on site and in the local community go during the day while their parents are working towards building a better life for their family. 

 Patricia J. Sullivan Partnership School

The new Patricia J. Sullivan Partnership School will provide space to educate more than 150 elementary children and support our critical after-school and year round programs. It is a true partnership between the Hillsborough Public Schools and Metropolitan Ministries. The school addresses the gaps in education for homeless, formerly homeless, and neighborhood children and focuses on academic achievement , and social emotional learning using a trauma informed approach. The school was constructed with private donations and will bring hope to so many children for years to come. For families and children who have experienced trauma, the advantages of an on-site school are significant. A paramount advantage is the ability to offer a safe and convenient environment for both the children and the parents. Homeless families rarely have access to transportation or have limited funds to pay for transportation. Parental involvement is also maximized. Collaborative efforts of Metropolitan Ministries’ staff and Hillsborough County School staff, leverage core competencies to maximize educational and behavioral outcomes for traumatized children.

 Welcome Center

Guest visiting the campus stop at our Welcome Center first!

 Chapel of Hope

The Chapel of Hope, fulfilling the spiritual component, is a beacon of light and hope at the center of Metropolitan Ministries' campus. It will be a sanctuary for prayer, worship and building one's faith.

When Justine was confused, lost, and hurt, she got on her knees and relied on her faith in God. Through prayer and support from the staff and volunteers of Metropolitan Ministries, she navigated the troubled waters of homelessness back to safety. Today, she is self-sufficient and living happily with her children.

 Youth Enrichment Center

Beyond the exciting capabilities the space can support, is the ability to have programs specifically designed to address trauma, educational gaps, leadership development and enrichment for at-risk youth. Partnership programs include SpeakUp, a public speaking and leadership program, Dale Carnegie leadership training, performance space for our youth to practice singing, dancing and training with the Patel Conservatory, creative space to encourage writing and performing music with the Prodigy program, and flexible space to support ongoing self-defense, safety and rape prevention classes.

 Outreach/Prevention Services 

Outreach and Prevention Services was the front door to hope for 25,689 familes in 2014. Food, clothing, housing, ultilites are just a few of the many services that we offer.

 Volunteer Engagement Center

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Metropolitan Ministries. Some serve meals, others play roles that usually would require a staff person to complete. All of them are important. In the last year, 21,000 volunteers gave 136,000 hours of time to help us do our work. This is a savings of $3 million. Amazing!

 Adult Education

In partnership with local school districts, we offer GED classes so that our adult residents, and anyone in the local community can finish high school.


Exercise and sports programs will be available to enhance the residential experience for homeless children directly impacted by trauma. It will also serve families on evenings and weekends for programming, events, studies, and activities. 

 Kitchen/Family Grill

Nutritious, hot meals for individuals and families are prepared at Metropolitan Ministries and distributed to over 25 partner sites. In 2014, 1,357,440 meals were served.

 Thrift Store 

Social enterprises are revenue-generating businesses with a twist.  At Metropolitan Ministries, we are proud to have three successful social enterprises, Metropolitan Ministries Thrift StoreInside the Box Café and Catering, and Affordable Housing.

Profits from our businesses go directly to feeding those in need in our community and supporting the programs that help families become self-sufficient. Learn more


The warehouse is where our donations get dropped off, processed and distributed. Last year gifts-in-kind (goods and services) equated to a savings of $6 million dollars.

 Miracles for Pasco

At our Pasco Campus, we are replicating the services we offer in Tampa, to help those in need in Pasco.  Learn more

Give to provide meals, shelter & vital programing.

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