Our 4 C's

Character - demonstrating integrity, good judgment and professionalism

Competency - skills and knowledge, prioritization and time management

Chemistry - organizational team focus, goal-setting and mentorship, effective communication

Calling - focus on the client and the mission 

Trauma Informed Care

The Sanctuary Model

The Sanctuary is based on the knowledge that trauma and chronic stress have deep and lasting impact on human beings, families, and communities. With this in mind we try to change the question from "What is wrong with you?"  instead we ask "What happened to you?" There are four pillars:

We are proud to be Sanctuary Institute certified.

An essential part in client and staff care is to partake in our COMMUNITY MEETINGS. Clients and staff share answers to three questions:

1. How are you feeling?

2.  What are your goals?

3.  Who can you ask for help?

At Metropolitan Ministries, the Sanctuary model guides us with a set of shared values and beliefs. The SEVEN COMMITMENTS seen below are used to help us create and maintain a safe and healing environment for all.

Our Seven Commitments are:


The S.E.L.F. Model

S.E.L.F. is an acronym and is another component of Trauma Informed Care

SAFETY - allows us to manage our emotions well

EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT - allows the expression of loss

The ability to express LOSS allows us to think about our future

Creating our own FUTURE allows us to create a safe one 

Clients and Staff are enouraged to create plans

The SAFETY PLAN is a list of actions or tools that a clients and staff can choose from when they need to restore a sense of safety, calm and a connection to self and others. The goal of the safety plan is to help us learn how to make safe, heathly choices and to tolerate and regulate our feelings.

Clients and staff are encouraged to create a SELF CARE PLAN. A plan that supports their physical, mental and emotional health and well-being. Self care protects clients and staff from burnouts in work, personal life and it creates an environment to get the most out of life. We call it YOU time.


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