At Metropolitan Ministries, a life restored has far-reaching effects. Just look at how many lives are impacted when someone like Debbie gets help . . .

When you help support people in need, you don’t just impact their lives. You impact the lives of everyone around them.

Imagine for a moment, a single mother named Debbie fleeing domestic violence . . . When her family comes to Metropolitan Ministries; Debbie’s primary concern is for their safety. But then we feed them, pray with them and invite them into our self-sufficiency program, Uplift U®. By the time Debbie graduates, she has a job, money in the bank and a plan for living independently.

This changes everything for Debbie. But do you know who else is affected?

Some people say every life changed impacts the lives of 10 others. We think it’s a lot more. Thank you for your partnership, and making it possible for the “Debbies” in our community to come here and find hope, along with a new way of living.

Tomorrow there will be more “Debbies” at our doorstep. That’s why we need your continued support. You can help young moms get on the path to self-sufficiency and make an impact in your community.


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