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Help Fill The Pantry

Posted by Nancy Olds in Hillsborough on August 29, 2014

We're planning to provide 648,654 meals to our homeless and hungry neighbors this fall.

Many of them are families who have nowhere else to go for a decent meal. If we don’t help them, they may have nothing at all to eat.

And that's simply not acceptable — not when you and I have the means to help them.

That's why we're asking you to help restock our kitchen pantry as we gear up for the biggest holiday meal distribution program this community has ever seen!

Hunger continues to be a big problem throughout the Tampa Bay region. But this fall, during our Be Hope campaign, you can stop hunger in its tracts. 

Every $1.76 you give will provide one nutritious meal to a desperate family who may have little children going to bed hungry, night after night.

Recently, requests for help have doubled, making this even more urgent with the busy holiday season coming soon.

Please give an online gift today, and put your gift to work immediately, so there will be enough for everyone when long lines begin to form outside our Holiday Tent.


Give to provide meals, shelter & vital programing.

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