#GivingTuesday Empty Plate Stories: Meet Aaron

Posted on November 24, 2017

Aaron is a devoted father and hard-worker. But when his wife got sick with cancer, his family lost their home.

To feed his family, Aaron took temporary jobs, went to churches andfood banks, and borrowed money from friends. He told the kids, "This is just a storm we're in." And promised them they'd make it through.

Eventually, they ended up at Metropolitan Ministries where they were given shelter. Aaron and his family are now staying together and getting three hearty meals a day. "You don't realize how good a full meal is until you don't have one," Aaron says. “This place has reminded me there are caring people in the world.”

Thanks to a generous donor, your gift on #GivingTuesday will be MATCHED, so twice the amount of struggling families like Aaron's can enjoy full, healthy meals together.

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