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5 simple ways you can save lives this summer

Posted on June 19, 2018

5 simple ways you can save lives this summer

Summer is supposed to be all about relaxation, vacations and families spending quality time together.

For weeks, Janice slept in her car, running the A/C in 10-minute intervals to stay cool. She eventually came to us for help. "It felt like heaven," she says. "I took a shower and thought to myself, 'Thank you, God!' Then I cried myself to sleep." 

Not having a safe, comfortable place to sleep is one of the most unsettling things about being homeless. Restless nights often lead to anxious, confusing days. And that prevents many from getting the help they really need.

Right now in the Tampa Bay region, many families are facing the unthinkable...

Not being able to feed their kids.
The threat of having their water turned off.
Eviction notices that would put them on the streets.

Some think it takes a lot to bring these families back from the brink of hopelessness. But it’s easier than you might imagine.

When you help provide basic needs — like meals, shelter, hope, and stability for homeless children — you give these families the tools they need to get control of their lives and give them a real chance at making a fresh start.

Help families survive summer
Help families survive summer


Your gift will go directly to help homeless and at-risk families survive the difficult summer months when temperatures soar and reduced-cost lunch programs are very limited. Thank you for your generosity.
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When you give to Metropolitan Ministries, you do 5 simple things that save lives:

You give food and promote healing


Homeless and at-risk families rarely have enough to eat. And what food they can get their hands on is often unhealthy. Your gift today will help serve nutritious, hearty meals to 2,300 every day!
Give Meals Now
You offer safe shelter
So many of the people who come to us are afraid. They’re running from abuse or they’re recovering from addiction. Your gift gives them a safe place to heal.
Give Safety Today
You share hope for a brighter future
Men and women who come to Metropolitan Ministries for the first time feel like they are at the end of their rope. They feel like they've exhausted all of their options in life. YOU help them believe in themselves again.
Give Hope Now
You give safety and stability to children
Children come to Metropolitan Ministries with tired eyes. They’re used to sleeping in their car. Or outside. Or in a scary motel. Your generosity helps make sure they get a good night’s sleep in a safe, comfortable bed.
Give Comfort Now
You show God’s love
When you’re living on the streets, love is hard to come by. Most of the faces you see hold cold, hard eyes with little compassion for your situation. God feels far away. Distant. Your gift helps bring people back into loving relationships...with others...and with God.


Give to provide meals, shelter & vital programing.

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