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Hope After Irma – One year later

Posted on September 11, 2018

It’s been a year since Hurricane Irma tore through Florida and our local community in Tampa Bay. Last year, we saw an influx of families come to us for help in the immediate days, weeks and months following the storm. It was a scary time…

-Local families already struggling to make ends meet before the storm experienced extreme and elongated hardships, and even homelessness, particularly in Pasco County.

-Business owners and employees lost weeks of income due to power outages and floodwaters that shut down their livelihoods. 

-Our 100 homeless resident families and 250 children continued to be housed and cared for throughout the ordeal.

-Local and State government relied on Metropolitan Ministries’ leadership to help receive recovery supplies being donated from around the country and distribute them from here to Key West.

-Families from Puerto Rico who lost literally everything relocated to Tampa Bay and received temporary housing and services.

Thanks to the support of our Tampa Bay community, most of the families we helped last year are back on their feet. Many found work and homes and are now stable. We were able to provide the following emergency items through our Outreach and Prevention Centers:

  • 8,000 hot meals
  • 15 pallets of water (26,730 bottles)
  • 2 ½ tons of ice
  • Shelter for 400 homeless, (including babies and senior citizens)
  • Support for numerous smaller agencies who did not have food, power or the resources
  • Clothing, supplies, hygiene items, financial assistance, and a place to stay for hundreds of families

Giving people an opportunity to find that HOPE again, to help them feel like they’re part of something important and part of this community…that can make all the difference in the world.

Last year Irma amplified the need for sure, but even without the high wind and heavy rainfall, there are still too many hurting families in Tampa Bay. The need is year-round. Click here to help: https://goo.gl/sMcNyC

Hurricane Tips

As more storms approach, remember to be as prepared as you possibly can. Hurricanes can cause significant damage to homes and even cause injury or death in cases of high winds and flooding. Prepare a hurricane kit with essentials to keep you and your family safe during and after a storm.

Hurricane kit video:


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