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Posted on December 29, 2016

Children who experience the trauma of living on the streets or in their cars often end up repeating the patterns as adults.

Today, we're asking you to help break this cycle of poverty by feeding and sheltering a hungry child tonight.

A gift of $10 per month, just 33₵ a day will FILL HER WITH ASSURANCE that someone loves and cares for her.

Listen to Bryan’s story of what he and his family received while living at Metropolitan Ministries.

Your monthly gift of just $10 will provide not only a night’s shelter, warm meals and hope, it will give a child assurance each and every day.

A hot meal & shelter from Metropolitan Ministries has so many benefits.

  • It gives children energy so they do better in school.
  • It shows them somebody’s looking after them.
  • It eases their fear.
  • It fills their little hearts with HOPE.

Right now, of all of the people living on our campuses in Pasco and Hillsborough, 70% are children.

Without you, many will face the same difficulties as their parents. Help these children rise above hardship.

Offer them hope starting with a hot meal and a safe place to lay their heads. Give these children a chance to find lasting success.

Children once filled with fear ...  will now be filled with assurance because of you.

Thank you for helping to strengthen the next generation!

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