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In Her Darkest Hour She Found Hope - Thanks To Your Gift

Posted on January 31, 2018

Every time you give, you rescue people in need. Just ask Jasmine...

The moment Jasmine lost her roommate, this single mom lost her ability to keep up with the bills. Even though she had a job, she depended on her roommate to watch her klids while she was at work, take them to doctor's appointments and even coach her kids' basketball teams; plus, he also helped with household expenses.

So when he left, she was suddenly bombarded with the thought on how she was going to pay rent, food, diapers, electricity and other necessary expenses with her meager wage. “It felt like I was always behind,” she remembers.

To make things worse, just as they were about to face eviction and living on the streets, Hurricane Irma was approaching. Her world was falling apart...

“I told myself to call Metropolitan Ministries and see if we could go there,” she said. “If not, I trusted God would provide. There’s no way He would not give us a place to live.”

Your support provided her with meals, diapers, safe haven and other vital care.

It even enabled her to save up enough money to get her car fixed.

“When you can’t see your way ahead, it’s important to remember that God is with you,” Jasmine says.

“Faith says He’s going to carry you, even in the hard times. As long as I know God has my back, I’m going to be okay.”

Jasmine is also quick to thank friends of Metropolitan Ministries for “thinking outside of themselves” — especially how homelessness impacts the lives of children who come here with their moms and dads.

"If I could meet the people who support this ministry, I'd give them a big hug -- and say 'thank you!'" she said. "This place has given me hope."

Coming to Metropolitan Ministries strengthens families in so many ways. Physically. Emotionally. Spiritually. And right now, a $50,000 matching grant automatically doubles your gift. So twice as many families have the chance for new life. If you are able, please give a generous gift this Easter — and watch your kindness go twice as far to offer hope to families facing homelessness.

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