Leave Him or Die

Posted by Priscila Goodall on May 24, 2018

Bethany listened intently to her doctor’s advice, but couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

After being diagnosed with cancer, Bethany had fallen into a deep depression. But it wasn’t just her illness. There was something else going on – something far more sinister.

Now it was time to face the truth.

“Bethany,” her doctor told her matter-of-factly, “It’s either leave him… or die!”

For the past 21 years, Bethany had been trapped in an abusive relationship. On several occasions, she had thought of leaving the father of her two children. But then, she had convinced herself that he was a “good provider and treated the children well.” Meanwhile, Bethany was being mentally tortured.

Digging deep down to find the courage that had been eluding her for so long, this brave mom left the doctor’s office, picked up her children and headed for the nearest shelter. Eventually, she ended up at Metropolitan Ministries.

“It was very difficult to leave,” Bethany admits. “At first I cried a lot, but I try not to feel sad because it can affect my health, and that could kill me.”

 “I’ve been praying for God to give me strength,” she adds.

Since coming here, she has been making her strides in building a new future for herself, even in her weakened condition. She has signed up for vocational rehab and is exploring the job market, and saving up to get an apartment. Thanks to you, she’s beating the odds.

“The doctors said I was going to die, but God has given me the opportunity to live,” she says.

Bethany came to Metropolitan Ministries nine months ago as a victim. Today, because of God’s grace – and your generosity – she is a survivor. And a living testimony to the transformation that’s possible when you give.

If you are able, please send a gift today. Your gift will be doubled. And you’ll be giving the next “Bethany” that comes here the chance for new life!

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