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Longer Lines a Sign of the Times?

Posted by Nancy Olds in Holidays, Hillsborough, Client Stories, Community Impact on October 22, 2014

October 22, 2014 - First Day of Holiday Assistance Registration

Imagine what it would feel like to tell your children that there’s nothing to eat today.  That’s exactly what thousands of struggling moms and dads in the Tampa Bay region are facing.  For them, hunger is a constant companion.  We expect to serve 20,000 families throughout Tampa Bay this holiday season during our BE HOPE campaign. 

Job loss, a serious illness, one unexcused absence to care for a sick child, or home foreclosure can put a family out on the streets.  Maybe that’s why so many people are coming for help.  In the past several years, I can’t remember seeing the holiday registration line this bad,” noted Tim Marks, Metropolitan Ministries’ President/CEO.  “We are seeing more families who never needed help before.”

Last year during Thanksgiving and Christmas, Metropolitan Ministries served over 22,000 struggling and hungry families with food and toys.  This year from the looks of the lines, the need will be equally as challenging.  When families come to us, they’re desperate.  They’ve often exhausted all other avenues of help.  We’ve promised them we would not let them down, especially at the holidays.  How can we be so sure?  It’s the generosity of this community!  For over 42 years, our wonderful Tampa Bay region has been making it possible to provide a holiday filled with hope to hurting people. There are decorated tables, scores of volunteers, and nutritious food.  And because so much of it is donated, Metropolitan Ministries can provide a complete holiday meal for just $1.76. 

This holiday season,  no one in Tampa Bay should go hungry.  It’s up to us not to look away from a homeless or struggling person, but give them a second chance.  Families are so grateful for the help they receive that they end up volunteering so others might find the same hope they did.  Will you join us in caring for your neighbors by providing a meal – and Be Hope – today?


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