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Mom Walks for Hours to Feed Her Son

Posted by Nancy Olds in Client Stories on September 5, 2014

How far would you go to feed your hungry child?

Angela walked 12 miles carrying her little boy in her arms the whole way because she didn’t have money for groceries. She had heard that Metropolitan Ministries was a place she could get food.  When I heard about this tired little boy with a sippy-cup full of sugar-water (because his mom couldn’t afford milk) it reminded me of two things:

1. Hunger in the Tampa Bay region has gotten so bad that a mom will walk all day just so her child will have something to eat.

2. No matter how much we’re already doing, we’ve got to do more to make sure families like this have their basic needs met.

No child in this community should go to bed hungry!  Thanks to you, Angela’s all-day trek from Riverview to downtown Tampa was not in vain. Because of your gifts, we were able to feed her and her son, and put them up at a motel for a couple nights until they fully recovered from their long ordeal.  But what about the next Angela who comes to us because her children don’t have anything to eat? Will we be ready to feed them? And the thousands of hungry families who come after them? It takes a long-term commitment by all of us — men, women, children, churches, businesses and civic groups — all working together to wipe out hunger in our community.

 This year I’ve talked with dozens of hardworking moms and dads who have made tremendous sacrifices to feed their kids — even going so far as skipping meals just so their kids would have something to eat.  If you asked them, they’d tell you they weren’t doing anything heroic — just trying to be good parents. I applaud them for their commitment to their families. And vow to do everything I can to help them and their children in a way that alleviates suffering, promotes dignity and instills self-sufficiency.

 Today, I invite you to join me in this life-changing work — by giving a gift, dropping off food or signing up to volunteer. Everybody wins — including you! — when you discover your role in making this community better.

Thank you for getting involved, proving once again that this is a community that truly cares!” -Angela


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