She shouldn't have to choose

Posted on January 2, 2018

Dianne is a 72 year old woman whose retirement fund was cut in half in the recession of 2008, and it hasn’t recouped. She now finds herself relying on her social security to help with rent, utilities, food and medicine. $850 a month can only go so far.

Dianne told us that sometimes, she has to cut her medicine in half just so she could buy groceries.

Seniors shouldn’t have to decide between medicine and food.

Dianne came to us looking for food and because of donors like YOU, we were able to help. Not only did we provide Dianne with food, we also shared with her a list of meal site partners, where she can go and get a hot meal. We also connected her with other programs and resources available that she didn’t know existed.

It’s not just a meal that you provide . . . your gift offers counseling that helps seniors like Dianne, become self-sufficient. Dianne said, “You gave me my HOPE back”

We have three ways that you can BE HOPE:

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