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Shoe Giver of Tampa

Posted by Nancy Olds in Volunteers on

 Shoe Giver of Tampa

Jacob Rice founded Shoe Giver of Tampa (SGOT) in 2006 at the age of 10, and he starts college this fall!!!

Jacob Rice  has distributed over 1,500 pairs of shoes, 800 pairs locally and over 700 pairs internationally. Jacob will help any child in need of new shoes and accepts monetary donations, new shoes and or sneakers from individuals, manufacturers and suppliers.

Jacob learned that in his own community an overwhelming number of children needed shoes that fit correctly and many of these children had never owned a new pair of shoes. Jacob believed that if children had new shoes that fit correctly, they would gain more pride, comfort and confidence. Jacob was determined to make a difference and he founded Shoe Giver of Tampa.

At Metropolitan Ministries today Jacob the Shoe Giver distributed 137 pairs of shoes to homeless families and took orders to deliver  and additional 157 new shoes to families in mid- August.

His legacy as the shoe giver continues while he is away in college, as his 13 year old sister Julie, takes over the work of being the Shoe Giver.

By: Nancy Olds


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