Story Of Hope: Terry Byrd

Posted on February 28, 2018

A Story of Hope: Terry Byrd

Meet Terry. Unable to care for him, Terry’s mother gave him up for adoption. For many years, he was resentful and angry about his life’s circumstances. He was bullied in school and quickly figured out that he could fit in by being one of the “bad kids.”

He began to steal until he got caught and was sent to a boys program. Although it was only a 6-month program, Terry craved the attention he received from the staff so he continued to act out in order to stay. After two years, Terry was finally released and went back to school, only to realize he was behind in his education. This led him to return to his criminal past. At 17, Terry got caught stealing again. This time, he was charged as an adult and sent to prison. He was released after three years but ended up back in prison four years later for violating his probation.

A year ago, Terry was released from prison, this time equipped with a plan to succeed. Eager to make a change in his life, he enrolled in the Abe Brown Ministries Ready4Work program where he gained skills to help him re-enter the workforce. Terry completed Metropolitan Ministries’ Inside the Box Culinary Arts Program in September and was given a position at the newly opened social enterprise, Dough Nation.

Photo Credit: The Dashing Ginger

Terry is an excellent employee and frequently receives recognition in online comments and reviews. He takes pride in his work and aims to be a store manager someday. Terry’s story serves as an inspiration to many who have shared his experiences. We are proud of Terry’s journey and wish him well as he continues to #BeHope.

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Photo Credit: The Dashing Ginger


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