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The nightmare's over

Posted by Nancy Olds in Client Stories on August 5, 2014

 The nightmare's over

Kayla and her kids have you to thank for the new life they have found at Metropolitan Ministries


All Kayla wanted was a second chance after she lost her job as a nurse at a St. Petersburg rehabilitation center. These days, second chances are hard to come by. But being homeless with two kids turned out to be a nightmare.                                                                                                                  


“All I could think about was making sure my kids got something to eat . . .”


Many nights they stayed at McDonald’s until closing. Then she’d either take refuge in a nearby laundromat or find an abandoned building where they could get out of the rain. Until a room opened up at Metropolitan Ministries, they stayed in a local boarding home. But the place was crawling with bedbugs and cockroaches, which “always came back no matter how hard I cleaned.” Toward the end, they slept scrunched together in one twin-sized bed.  You can imagine the relief when a spot at Metropolitan Ministries opened up.


“Sometimes, you have to gothrough the worst to get something better.”


“It was wonderful,” Kayla recalls. “And the kids enjoyed being on a bed where they didn’t get bit in the middle of the night,” she adds.  Thanks to your gifts, Kayla is now a full-time student in the premed program at Hillsborough Community College. Her plan is to transfer to the University of South Florida, where she’s already qualified for a Pell Grant that covers the cost of tuition and lab fees as long as she lives here. Eventually, she wants to become a doctor, specializing in obstetrics/gynecology. “Troubles from my past are just stepping stones to where I’m going,” she says, reflecting on her days on the streets. “Sometimes, you have to go through the worst to get something better.”

Kayla and her kids are no longer struggling from day to day. They’re thriving, thanks to your kindness. That’s the kind of impact you make every time you give!







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