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This is why we do what we do

Posted by Tim Marks on August 3, 2016

I’m sharing a copy of a very special note for you. I’m sure you’ll find it as heartwarming as I did the first time I read it.

Dear Metropolitan Ministries,

I was a resident at Metropolitan Ministries two years ago when I was homeless.

After years of struggling, I am finally graduating with my AA degree in criminal justice.

None of this would have been possible without the staff there: from my counselor, case manager, the cooks . . .even the janitor!

Two years ago, all I had was my 1-year-old and a carfull of clothes. You have helped make me the strong woman I am today.

Everything you guys do changes lives. Thank you for changing mine.


The letter is from a young woman named Rayza who lived at Metropolitan Ministries two years ago when she was homeless. Last month, she graduated with a degree in criminal justice. “If this isn’t a success story, I don’t know what is,” she says. And even that’s an understatement. People want to escape homelessness.

They want to put the broken pieces of their lives back together. And when they can’t, they lose hope.

That’s how she ended up homeless . . . a story we still hear almost every day despite reports of an improving economy.

People want to work. They need to work.

And when they can’t, they lose hope. They can’t feed their kids. They lose their apartments and are forced to live in their cars. And clean up in gas station washrooms. In the worst cases, they’re sleeping on the streets.

This just isn’t right. Not in America. And especially not in an area as prosperous as Tampa Bay.

That’s why I hope you can help.

Your gift to Metropolitan Ministries this month can help someone find stability and put them on the path to a new life.

Often new life starts with a good, hearty meal that you can provide for just $1.96. But it’s not the meal that changes lives . . . it’s what comes after the meal that leads to success. Whether it’s educational assistance or our employment boot camp, everyone who comes here has the opportunity to make a new start.

That’s the amazing power you have when you support Metropolitan Ministries — the power to change lives, empower people to live better, and help your neighbors learn to provide for themselves and their families.

Please give what you can today

With Gratitude,

Tim Marks, President & CEO

Tim Marks
President & CEO 


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