Those could be MY children!

Posted by Priscila Goodall on May 24, 2018

Mary Ann looked into the eyes of Pamela’s children and had a sobering thought…

“Those could be MY children!” she realized.

After Pamela’s marriage fell apart, she came to Metropolitan Ministries in a last-ditch attempt to get emergency help for herself and her three kids.

When Mary Ann, our family resource manager, looked into the eyes of these children, she saw three things: hunger, fear and a troubling sadness, perhaps these kids weren’t sure what was going to happen next.

“I knew we had to do something,” Mary Ann says.

First, we fed Pamela’s children. Then we got them a motel for the night, so they wouldn’t have to be on the streets. The next day, we moved them into temporary housing, signed them up for Social Security benefits and enrolled Pamela in our employment lab.

Our hope is that she will soon have a job where she’ll earn enough to live independently. Until then, we’ve offered Pamela whatever help she needs while she navigates her way through this difficult transition.

Pamela came here scared. Thanks to you, she now has hope.

At a time when a match doubles, every gift, thank you for giving struggling families like Pamela’s a chance for a new start.

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