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A toy provides more than fun

Posted on December 13, 2016

A toy is more than a toy. It is a way to spark a child’s imagination.  A toy encourages a child to play and learn with other children. But most important a toy provides an opportunity for a parent to bond with their child.

Did you know that colorful toys stimulate a baby’s developing vision? Every new shape, color, texture and sound is a learning experience…a way to discover their senses.

A simple and classic toy like blocks help toddlers build their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Shape sorters are a great interactive toy that give parents an opportunity to teach them colors and shapes while playing and spending time with their child.

Did you know that besides teen gifts . . . infant and toddler toys are one of our most needed items this Christmas?

When you give a toy . . . you are giving more than just a toy.  You are giving children a chance to bond with their parents, develop a positive attitude towards learning, but most of all fun. 

Make Christmas special to a child in need. For just $34.99 you can provide a Bag of Joy, that includes two small infant/toddler gifts and a stocking stuffer.

Help us bring joy to a child this Christmas!

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