Staff Stories

David Williams
Director of Facilities and Safety

David wants to make one thing clear: “Metropolitan Ministries is my happy ending,” he said.

Things weren’t always happy for David, who grew up with an abusive stepfather and learned to become comfortable in the darkness. That darkness led him to the brink of taking his own life twice.

“I really felt like I was the reason our family was a train wreck,” David said.

That darkness carried David to a life in which he was living in his own car.

Then the light came, and one of the reasons for that light was finding a place at Metropolitan Ministries as the organization’s associate director of operations and safety.

“One thing we do here at Metropolitan Ministries is bring hope where there is hopelessness, and there’s nothing better than that,” David said.


Antron McNeil
Environmental Services Supervisor

Living underneath a bridge in Miami, Antron’s life was headed toward total brokenness. He was selling drugs and committing crimes just to survive.

After a stint in drug rehab, Antron met Bethany, a Tampa native who was living in Miami and had fallen on some hard times of her own. Bethany offered him a ticket out of Miami by way of Tampa. The move would change Antron’s life forever.

A visit to the Metropolitan Ministries Holiday Tent led to a job for Antron and a diligent lifestyle in which he took care of the little things so that God would reward him with greater responsibilities.

“I never knew I was being setup for this,” Antron said. “I never knew God would put me at the Miami Rescue Mission to go through a drug rehab, to bring me to Tampa two or three years later, focused, with a purpose and a driven mission.”


Dennis Hebert
IT Technician, Former Metro Client

After living a hard childhood, Dennis continued to suffer as an adult, living in and out of shelters. After being laid off from his job, Dennis and his family themselves living in the family car. Seeking food and shelter, they came to Metropolitan Ministries.

Dennis and his wife travel a good distance every day to Biztech, one of Metropolitan Ministries’ partnering schools. They can attend classes at Biztech to help them with their career path while their son has a place to stay and attend school.

“To go straight from being in the scenario I was in, living in my car or even Metropolitan Ministries, and having a second chance in life means how much my life has changed,” Dennis said.

Dennis soon plans to start his new career and set money aside for his son in the future.


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