Ashley dropped out of high school and had a baby at 16. But she always talked about going back to school to finish her education. She took the first step in making a better life for herself and her baby at Metropolitan Ministries. Ashley was able to earn her GED while going through our Uplift U® self-sufficiency program.


When you grow up surviving, dreaming is a luxury

Many adults who come to Metropolitan Ministries do not have a marketable skill. It’s our belief that without education and training, no life can change. As part of our mission to promote dignity, we want to help adults achieve self-sufficiency through life skills programs and continuing education.

Being raised in poverty doesn’t leave room to dream about a different life. One that includes a world beyond being a single parent trying to make ends meet. One that includes a career. If a minimum wage job is all you’re qualified for, then that’s just what you do because you have to put food on the table, clothe your children and put a roof over their heads. But you can’t get out of poverty that way.

We offer more than just an opportunity to earn a GED. Many of our residents have gone on to earn college degrees. Some have gone on to vocational skills where they learned skills that were in demand throughout a variety of industries in our community.


What We Offer

GED – in partnership with local school districts.

Employment Boot Camp – provides residents an opportunity to learn how to market themselves as they graduate and begin their job search.

Employment Lab – help with job searches, resume writing, interview skills and more.

Culinary Arts Program – graduates are ready for jobs in the food industry.

Financial Wellness – budgeting, maintaining a checking/savings account and other fundamental principles of money management.

Child Care – free childcare for parents who are enrolled full-time in our education programs.

Sanctuary – model of care based on the knowledge that trauma and chronic stress have deep and lasting impact on people and the community.

Furthermore, our programs offer training in life and vocational skills such as budget management, leadership, public speaking and more. These programs help develop well-rounded individuals who are ready for self-sufficiency when they leave our campus.


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