It wasn’t an easy transition for Dante. At 5-years-old, he felt insecure because he had witnessed abuse and been bounced around from place to place while the family struggled with homelessness. Something changed, however, when Dante came to Metropolitan Ministries. His mom, Anita, described it as a transition that saw him go from a not assured child to one whose confidence grew on a daily basis.


Homelessness is hard on children

No home, no bed, no roof over their heads at all — no matter what it looks like, homelessness leaves kids feeling insecure. These vulnerable kids are at risk for abuse, behavior issues, school failure and more.


What We Offer

PromiseLand Early Childhood Education Center: The center provides loving, comprehensive care for children zero through five years old. It’s a place where children of our residents and the local community go while their parents are working through education and job training to build a better life. Specialized programs include:

Metropolitan Ministries K-5 Partnership School: The Patricia J. Sullivan Partnership School serves as a choice elementary school. In close partnership with the School District of Hillsborough County, parents and our dedicated staff, we help students achieve academic success and social and emotional growth.

First Hug: This program is for homeless families with children 8 and younger. An extension of our emergency short-term care program on campus, these services occur off campus and in the community.

Parent-Child Home Program: A national early learning program for children aged two to three years old, this program aids under resourced parents or guardians of children by providing home visitors for help with developing their child’s reading and early learning skills—offering encouragement for parents and to prepare children for school readiness and life success.

These two programs are funded through a grant provided by:

Children's Board


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