“For one brief moment, the kids were movie stars.” Kristen remembers. “They had their own dressing rooms and other kids and adults kept coming up to them saying, we saw you in the play. Can we have your autograph?” Talk about a turnaround!


Homelessness is toughest on teenagers

Kristen’s three teenagers didn’t want to come to Metropolitan Ministries after they got evicted from their apartment. Once they got here, though, the kids warmed up quickly to their new surroundings. The rooms were better decorated than they thought. They quickly made new friends. And the best part of all, they got to be in a show at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts.

Many of our teen residents admit to getting off the school bus three blocks away from Metropolitan Ministries so the other kids won’t know they are homeless. Their situation leaves them feeling embarrassed and stigmatized. These vulnerable teens are at risk for abuse, behavior issues, school failure and more.


What We Offer

Our Youth Enrichment Center provides a space to serve middle and high school teens and supports our critical after-school programs and summer camps. Beyond the exciting capabilities the space can support, is the ability to have programs specifically designed to address trauma, educational gaps, leadership development and enrichment for at-risk youth.

  • SpeakUp, a public speaking and leadership program
  • Dale Carnegie leadership training
  • Performing Arts training with the Patel Conservatory
  • Creative space to encourage writing and performing music with the Prodigy Program
  • Flexible space to support ongoing self-defense, safety and rape prevention classes
  • Gymnasium to support sports and exercise
  • Relationship support and emotional safety
  • Real world experiences


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