Metro Stories

Terry's Story

Terry was without her three children, which were taken from her after her husband had performed an unspeakable act on their 2-year-old daughter. Watch Now

Jenny's Story

Jenny was on the run for her life. Before Jenny realized it . . . her home — her place of shelter and safety — had turned into a war zone. Read More

James' Story

James, a husband and father of a 17 year old son, feeling lost and hopeless, attempted to take his own life. Read More

Becky's Story

All Becky wanted was a second chance after she lost her job as a nurse at a St. Petersburg rehabilitation center. These days, second chances are hard to come by. Read More

Bryan's Story

Bryan’s all grown up now. But when he was 11, he and his dad came to Metropolitan Ministries after spending three nights in a laundromat. Watch More

Carla's Story

Carla had been out of work with a health issue of blood clots in her legs and had no income for a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal. Read More

Billy's Story

A room of our own. It’s something a lot of us take for granted. For 8-year-old Billy and 6-year-old Leroy, a room was all they wanted. Watch More

Siriya and Melanie's Story

Two stories of two incredible women, Siriya and Melanie, show the struggle and success through their times at Metropolitan Ministries. Watch More

David's Story

David wants to make one thing clear: “Metropolitan Ministries is my happy ending,” he said. Watch More

Rose's Story

Rose was in an abusive relationship, and after one particularly bad fight, Rose’s daughter was bleeding from broken glass. It was that moment Rose knew she had to leave no matter what it took. Watch More

Antron's Story

Living underneath a bridge in Miami, Antron’s life was headed toward total brokenness. He was selling drugs and committing crimes just to survive. Watch More

Justine and Jessica's Story

With no shelter and nowhere to turn, Justine and Jessica came to Metropolitan Ministries desperately seeking help. Watch More

Dennis’ Story

After living a hard childhood, Dennis continued to suffer as an adult, living in and out of shelters. After being laid off from his job, Dennis and his family found themselves living in their car. Seeking food and shelter, they came to Metropolitan Ministries. Watch More

Waly's Story

A young 6-year-old Waly was hopeless. Living in an abusive home, she was in need of help. Her mother was being physically abused by Waly’s father day after day until she finally decided enough was enough. Watch More

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