You missed a week at your job because your baby was sick, you’re hourly and you don’t get sick pay. Now, you’re looking at that stack of bills you barely keep up with day to day and it just about breaks you. You work so hard! How is it possible you have to make the choice between paying rent or being able to pay for everything else — electricity, food, diapers, childcare, gas? Where can you go for help?

Families who are on the brink of homelessness or have become homeless often don’t know there is help available for them. Sometimes, state services can provide just what they need to get through the crisis. But it isn’t easy to navigate the system. Other times, a family needs more than just a patch on their problem.

We offer families dignity, understanding, short-term counseling and help walking through what’s available to them.

Both our downtown Tampa campus and our Outreach Center in Holiday are partner sites for Access Florida. That means we’re able to provide immediate assistance with applications for state benefits and help families find what they need to get through crisis.

What You Can Do to Help

Our partnerships in the Tampa area make it possible for us to provide extensive services for families in need. And everything you do is a powerful contribution toward changing a life:

Life Services We Offer

Metropolitan Ministries Life Services are available at our Pasco County and Hillsborough County Outreach Centers:

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Need help? Need information? Come in or contact us:

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