In a submission to Reader’s Digest, one reader recalled, “Ours was a family of eight children, but only one boy. One day, I was complaining to my brother about having six annoying sisters. Hewasn’t having it. ‘What are you griping about?’ he said, ‘I have seven!’”

Sibling rivalry in childhood and adolescence is quite common and can even be humorous in retrospect. But every parent hopes their children grow to share a healthy relationship.

One way you can help your children avoid conflict and experience peace in adulthood is by creating an up-to-date will or estate plan. Taking time to get your affairs in order and then sharing them with your loved ones puts everyone on the same page. Through this one simple action your family will hear important messages like, in this family we…

  • Value peace. Did you know nearly 70 percent of adults do not have a relevant will? Your children will see the steps you took and appreciate that you cared enoughto plan ahead, creating peace before there was even a chance for conflict.
  • Value communication. According to a Spectrem Group research study, 40 percent of parents have never discussed their estate intentions with their children. Even though discussions about death can be difficult, no one wants to be left sorting through a messy estate. You have an opportunity to communicate your wishes (and your lovefor your family) while you are still alive–a gift they’ll always treasure.
  • Put our values into action. Experts encourage parents to “demonstrate the behavior they wish to see.” By providing for your loved ones and including a gift in your will to a cause or ministry you care about, you can set a powerful example of what you value, and creatively transfer those virtues along.

Consider the Proverb, “The righteous lead blameless lives; blessed are their children after them…”
By going the extra mile now to create a plan that will unfold then, you will pave the way for peace in your family. And you can be certain the loudest message your children will hear is you are loved!