CREATE – Children’s Recreational, Education, Arts, and Therapeutic Experience

In an effort to reach our most vulnerable clients, Metropolitan Ministries has launched an innovative program, CREATE. CREATE gives school-age children a nurturing therapeutic environment to grow, process their challenges, and learn techniques to deal with their emotions.

The purpose is to provide a safe place for students to express themselves, extend their creativity and galvanize into their full potential.

How we do it

Each group of students in the program is uniquely staffed with a group leader, Therapeutic Specialist and Registered Behavioral Technician. Parents and children are supported through large and small group therapeutic activities and interventions.

Staff utilizes a social-emotional curriculum as well as applied behavioral analysis techniques to foster social, emotional and behavioral development. These activities are designed to promote prosocial behavior and alleviate distress.

CREATE is becoming a model after-school program. Each family that interacts with the program will leave with more hope than they came in with.

Metropolitan Ministries Youth Program

Metropolitan Ministries Youth Program enriches our youth with the tools to break the cycle of poverty while growing to become our future leaders. Dedicated to serving middle and high school students living on campus and in our community, our youth program staff and teens are trauma-informed.  We practice seven commitments:  open communication, social learning, growth & change, social responsibility, non-violence, democracy, & emotional intelligence.

How we do it

In an effort to encourage the natural talents, curiosity, and spirit of our students, we actively participate in STEAM programming. 

Metropolitan Ministries currently has a robotics team, Coding Hope, which competes throughout the season.

We also have a STEAM expert, who leads the students in a variety of activities weekly; as well as, community support for our creative arts programming.

Our teens participate in a series of programs and classes to include but not limited to:

  • Dale Carnegie Leadership Seminar;
  • Speak Up (Teen Toastmasters);
  • Teen Employment Bootcamp; and
  • Social Awareness Seminars ranging from Human Traffic Awareness to Cyberbullying.