These services are vital for the 25,000 homeless men, women and children in our communities. They’re also fueled by donors. Without this true community collaboration, so many would be left out in the cold . . . with no hope for a future.

Building Hope and Confidence for a Better Future

Hope comes to life when someone realizes their future could be different. That’s what all of our services are about. We’re focused on not only helping people believe that a better future is possible, but also empowering them to make that future a reality.

Our Services


Food for families in need

Families need food. But for a family short on budget, affording healthy food is nearly impossible. We not only provide hot meals to those who have no food at home, but also distribute emergency food boxes to families in need throughout the Tampa community during the holidays. Learn more about our food services.

Locations: Hillsborough, Pinellas, Polk, Pasco


Miracle Place provides housing for families

Families find themselves in need of housing for many reasons: losing a job and escaping an abusive situation are two of the most common. Our goal is to make sure that families can keep a roof over their head whether it’s through moving into our transitional housing, finding affordable housing or getting assistance to pay their bills. Learn more about our housing services.

Locations: Hillsborough


Children are the most vulnerable to homelessness

Homelessness and poverty hurt children most of all. Homelessness causes families to give up on vital activities when it’s essential to continue investing in a child’s development. We come alongside children to provide them with vital developmental services as well as through offering education opportunities. Learn more about our services for children.

Locations: Hillsborough, Pasco

Life Skills

Life services prepare men and women to get jobs in the Tampa Bay community

Self-sufficiency. That’s the goal in every interaction we have with families. We help adults with education and job training to ensure that when they leave Metro they will have the skills they need to support their family and have a good life. Learn more about our life-skills services.

Locations: Hillsborough, Pasco


Free or discounted services for those in need in the community

Homeless families still need to be able to do things like file their taxes, get an ID or apply for benefits like food stamps, social security or medical assistance. The problem is, when you’re struggling to survive from day to day it’s difficult to find the time or resources for simple things like this. Our resources programs help fill that gap by providing caring people who can help men, women and families with these important issues. Learn more about our resources programs.

Locations: Hillsborough, Pasco


Give to provide meals, shelter & vital programing.

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