The Metropolitan Ministries Foundation (a separate 501c3) ensures struggling families and children in our community find safety, relief, and hope today and into the future. By wisely investing and stewarding your gifts, the Foundation provides consistent resources to fulfill the mission of Metropolitan Ministries.


Metropolitan Ministries Foundation will ensure that hurting families always find hope and help in times of need.


Metropolitan Ministries Foundation will honor the values and be worthy stewards of all who support our vision, during their lifetimes and beyond.


Deuteronomy 15:11:
“For the poor shall never cease out of the land: therefore I command you, saying,
You shall open your hand wide to your brother, to your poor, and to your needy, in your land.”



Foundation Board of Directors

Martin Silbiger, MD, Chair
Founder of the University Diagnostic Institute and Senior Medical Scholar in Residence at the University of South Florida, Director of the Department of Radiology at H. Lee Moffitt Cancer and Research Center, Imaging Consultant of Florida

Robert Basham
Co-founder of Outback Steakhouse, Glory Days Grill, and PDQ

Gerry Coughlin
Managing Partner, Oakpoint Advisors
Vice Chair of Advancement, Metropolitan Ministries Board of Directors Executive Committee

Preston Farrior
Chief Operating Officer, Ferman Automotive Management
Foundation Liaison, Metropolitan Ministries Board of Directors Executive Committee

Elizabeth Fowler
Director of the Triad Foundation
Currently serving on Boards of the Academy Preparatory School,  Frameworks of Tampa Bay, Lowry Park Zoo Endowment, and The Phoenix in Tampa (sober active recovery). She is also on the national board of The Policy Circle.

David Redmond
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, MultiPlan, Inc.

Metropolitan Ministries Foundation Staff

Molly James, Chief Executive Officer

Reverend Morris Hintzman, President Emeritus

Janet Pantaleo, Donor Advisor

If you have questions about how your charitable plans can support our mission, please reach out to one of us below:

Molly James, Chief Executive Officer
Direct: (813)

Janet Pantaleo, Donor Advisor
Direct: (813)


Legacy Society members have included Metropolitan Ministries in their will to honor their faith and family values and create an eternal impact on the mission of Metropolitan Ministries.

Legacy Society Recognition (with designations for deceased)
  • Caroline M. Adams*
  • Louis N. and Jean R. Adams*
  • B. Marshall and Mary Adams
  • Dr. John H. Ahn, D.O. and Ms. Mona M. Lee
  • Larry R. Aker
  • Terry E. Albrecht*
  • Robert and Angelina Alexander
  • Grace C. Allen*
  • Anonymous Donor*
  • Susan Avis Altstadt*
  • William and Lynn Andrews
  • Anonymous Donor
  • Anonymous Donor
  • Anonymous Donor
  • Anonymous Donor
  • Anonymous Donor
  • Anonymous Donor*
  • Anonymous Donor*
  • Vincent Antinori
  • Vivian A. Appeldoorn*
  • Enrique J. Araico
  • Wilson H. Ayers*
  • Joanna Babcock
  • Bernice F. Baker*
  • L. David and Virginia Baldwin*
  • Kathy A. Baldwin
  • Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Barringer
  • Bob and Debbie Basham
  • Belle Bekerkunst*
  • Thomas and Diana Belcher
  • Alvin A. Bennati, Sr.*
  • Mr. George Frank Bennett, Sr.*
  • Carl Bennink
  • Darlene Bentley*
  • Sally V. Bibby
  • Nancy E. Biddle
  • Dorothy K. Biegert*
  • Marie R. Bige*
  • Frances D. Bixby*
  • Walter and Ruth Black*
  • Helen M. Bogner*
  • Jimmie Ward Bonbright*
  • Mary M. Boze*
  • John and Tilda Brabson
  • Leon D. Braddock*
  • Christopher P. Bradley & Mary T. Bradley
  • Jim and Mary Frances Bransford
  • Ms. Teresa E. Bratcher-Evans
  • Virginia M. Brennan*
  • Florence Brigan*
  • David and Mary Brogan
  • Jean F. Bronec
  • Dorothy M. Brown*
  • Susie Crow Brown*
  • Linda and Jack Brown
  • Sandra E. Brown
  • Norman and Doris Buckman*
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Buesing
  • Lita Burke
  • Jo Beth Burkette*
  • Bob and Barbar Burkham
  • Monette Burns*
  • Barry A. Bustillo*
  • Anita L. Cain*
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jay H. L. Calhoun
  • Dr. Axel F. Campbell
  • David N. Campbell
  • Robert E. Campbell
  • Ruth and Michael Cantwell*
  • Elaine C. Carbonneau
  • Bernice Carey*
  • Arthur D. Carlson*
  • Fred and Pearl Carter*
  • Murray S. Cashdollar, Jr.*
  • Thomas D. Casper
  • Linda B. Cassaly
  • Lori Ann Castleman
  • Diane C. Chadwick
  • Andrea C. Cheney
  • George H. Cherry*
  • Ethel B. Chiaramonte*
  • Chris and Elizabeth Christenberry
  • Mary J. Claffey
  • Lorraine R. Clark*
  • Shirley B. Clarke*
  • Brenelle E. Claytor
  • Mandelyn Kay Cloninger
  • Sally Ann Clyde
  • Delbert L. Coleman*
  • Eleanor K. Collins*
  • Barbara S. Colvin*
  • Nancy Conner*
  • Joseph and Kathryn Connor
  • Geraldine and James Cook*
  • Michael and Anna Cook
  • John and Rachel Cornish
  • Catherine Costanzo*
  • Diana S. Council
  • Dr. Israel Crespo & Mrs. Blanca Crespo
  • Steven D. Crites & Mrs. Suzanne Maridon-Crites
  • Wanda A. Cross*
  • Al Cunning*
  • Bernadine E. Daniels*
  • Edward J. Daniels*
  • Gloris L. Darnall*
  • Bettie H. Davis*
  • Wilson P. Davis*
  • Anita M. Davis
  • Susan Dione DeBarry
  • Ernest and Elen DeIntinis
  • Victor N. Della Rocco*
  • Gwen T. D’epiro
  • Donald A. DeReus
  • Dorothy M. Derrick
  • Denis Desautels
  • Gloria T. Desecki*
  • Richard A. Diaz
  • Ruth L. Dille*
  • A. Gerald Divers
  • Kenneth D. Dooley*
  • William C. Draeger, Jr.
  • Dian L. Dunlap
  • Louis S. Dunn
  • Mary Lee Dunstan*
  • Mary and Dick Duveneck
  • Julie K. Easterday
  • Dorothy E. Ebersbach*
  • Jack and Sandra Eckelaert*
  • Irene A. Eder*
  • Roy and Mary Edgerton
  • Katherine E. Egolf
  • Gerhard C. Eichholz*
  • Janet L. Elias
  • Dessa Jane Ellis*
  • Dr. Carolyn S. Ellis Bochner
  • Peter G. Emery and Jean S. Emery
  • George and Martha Enright
  • Betty G. Estes*
  • Donna J. Falgiani
  • Milton Felsing*
  • James and Celia Ferman
  • Daniel Ferrazza and Deborah M. Ferrazza
  • Brad and Annalise Fincher
  • James J. Fischbach*
  • Michelle Fountain
  • William R. Frank and Tina Di Tommasco
  • Kenneth Franks*
  • Sylvia E. Frazier*
  • William G. Griffin and Jacqueline G. Freeman*
  • Jeff E. Freeman and Kathy Freeman
  • Michele M. Freydberg
  • Dorothy L. Frost*
  • Donald Fyffe*
  • James Theodore Fyffe*
  • Donelda Gallagly
  • Dr. Thomas W. Garrett, III
  • Thomas F. Gear*
  • Genevieve C. Geiger*
  • Tamara A. Geltmaker*
  • John R. Gerg*
  • Ann L. Geuther*
  • Ashli and Christian Givens
  • Paula B. Glinter*
  • Nicholas and Caitlin Glover
  • Gerald O. Golden*
  • Patt Golden*
  • Josephine Gonzalez*
  • Robert M. Gonzalez and Cruz Gonzalez
  • Delores M. Goodspeed*
  • Virginia H. Gordon*
  • Helen M. Gordon*
  • Dr. Heidi Goss
  • Rudolph and Nancy Granda
  • Ellogene Gregory*
  • Verlin W. Guernsey*
  • Laura L. Gushin and Darrell J. Fasching*
  • Charles and Marcia Guy*
  • Irene C. Guy
  • Richard and Cindy Hadlow
  • Clifford W. Hager*
  • Diana and Richard Hall
  • Lt. Colonel and Mrs. John F Hallgren*
  • Jane Hamil*
  • Walter A. Hardenstine*
  • Hazel Hargrove*
  • Stan and Frankie Harrell
  • LeBrone C. Harris*
  • Andy Harris
  • Craig and Patricia Hauser
  • William and Rhoda Herr*
  • Richard D. Higgs*
  • Alvin and Beth Hillegass
  • Dr. Alton Hinks and Mrs. Lois Hinks*
  • Morris and Paula Hintzman
  • Ruth E. Holmes*
  • Dwight and Joyce* Hopkins
  • Eleanor J. Howland
  • Fred E. Hucke*
  • Kurt and Amy Hull
  • Jack and Kathy Hunt
  • Margaret A. Hutinger*
  • Gordon Icheldinger*
  • Hunt and Molly James
  • Bruce Thomas Johnston*
  • T. Edward and Ruth F. Jones*
  • Ronald W. Jones*
  • Alan and Christine Jones
  • Durelle M. Jones
  • Larry and Vivian Jones
  • Ramonita and Benny Jones
  • Larry A. Kahler
  • Michael and Margaret Kanter
  • Frederick A. Keller, Jr.*
  • Diana J. Kelley
  • Kathleen Kelly
  • William and Jody Kerr
  • Faye Kinder*
  • Silvia Marguerite Kirkconnell*
  • Raymond B. Klemmack*
  • Martha S. Knecht
  • Laura G. Knox
  • Lori Koletic
  • Patricia L. Kooker*
  • Sue Ann Korsberg
  • Mr. Robert E. Kozyra and Mrs. Donna Volkman
  • Ru Lennox Lang*
  • Anne R. Langford*
  • Mack S. Lee*
  • Anonymous Donor*
  • Ms. Nicole Leontsinis
  • Leonard Lepof*
  • Christa J. Lewis*
  • Dot A. Lippmann
  • Patsy Little
  • Dr. Aaron* and Mrs. Martha Longacre
  • Gwendolyn T. Lonsbrough*
  • Joy Lowell
  • Mark and Michelle Luedke
  • Neta Luoto*
  • James G. Lyman
  • James and Mary Jo MacAulay
  • Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Machesney
  • Caryl and Roland Mack
  • Alex D. MacKinnon and Sandra Cross MacKinnon
  • Sean and Amy Maguire
  • Arva Lee Maguire
  • Jim and Barbara Major
  • Joseph C. Manaley*
  • Elsa R. Mantas
  • Anthony March
  • Gregory Margliano
  • Sharon M. Marino
  • Tim and Valeri Marks
  • Maureen Marshall
  • Dr. and Mrs. Dean F. Martin
  • Robert K. Masterson
  • Robert and Alison Matherly
  • Wayne and Rosemary Mayo
  • Robert McAndrew
  • Nichole W. McCutchan
  • Robert and Ethel McGeorge*
  • Mary Matildam McKay*
  • John P. McKenna* and Kathleen W. McKenna
  • Eileen McManis
  • Mary McNamara
  • Michael W. Michelin
  • Dean A. Millard
  • Captain Bill Miller and Mrs. Debbie Miller
  • Mary and Edwin Miller
  • Eugene and Dora Milliron*
  • Thomas E. Mills
  • Brian and Shannon Moore
  • Edith Loeffler Morales*
  • Dr. John and Meredith Morgan
  • Karen S. Morin
  • Margaret Moses*
  • Charlotte A. Mullen
  • Frank and Sylvia Musalo
  • Florice F. Nagel*
  • Norman and Virginia Nelson*
  • George Nicholas*
  • Delbert Nichols*
  • Vida Nix*
  • Kathryn W. Noble*
  • Gertrude C. Norton*
  • Jo Ann Oberley*
  • Ruth Wilson O’Brien*
  • Pat and Marsha Odor
  • Ms. Sally Ordway
  • Jan and William Oster*
  • The Otte Family
  • Robin W. Otto
  • Robert G. Pack*
  • Mr. and Mrs. Palmer*
  • Autumn and Ron Pandolfo
  • Tom* and Janet Pantaleo
  • Dr. Lois J. Paradise*
  • Robert and Sadie Pariseau
  • Pearl H. Parsons*
  • Donald and Marcia Patzsch*
  • Kathryn Emily Pearce*
  • Frank W. Peck*
  • Francene Penhallow
  • LeeAnna M. Pepitone*
  • Maria Pescador*
  • Hazel E. Peterson*
  • Elizabeth B. Pettersson
  • John and Elaine Pidgeon*
  • Bishop George I. Pililis*
  • Michael and Carol Piper
  • Irene K. Pittman*
  • Anne and Drew Pittman
  • Betty L. Place*
  • Robert and Marie Portner
  • Rebecca L. Poston
  • Lt Col Kathleen J. Potthoff and Maj Kathy Sheppard
  • James and Julia Pratt
  • Virginia Boyce Price*
  • Barbara C. Price
  • Maybelle R. Price*
  • Paul and Nancy Prine
  • Jack and Mary Rader
  • David V. Ramsay*
  • Hortense Ramsey*
  • Mildred Rathousky*
  • Walter and Margo Reagan*
  • Michele M. Ream*
  • Roland and Victoria Ream*
  • David and Millie Redmond
  • Joel and Sharon Rentz
  • Chris M. Reyes
  • Norman and Ruth Reynolds*
  • Robin L. Reynolds and Greg Reynolds
  • Sheila Rice
  • David Richardson
  • Fimie Richie*
  • Hope A. Ring*
  • Wesley W. Rink*
  • James Robertson*
  • Keneath F. Robinson, Jr. and Christine A. Robinson
  • Chase* and Valda Robinson
  • Robert N. Rodgers*
  • Warren E. Ross
  • Brick K. Rossie and Anna Marie Dunn
  • Arthur and Germaine Routhier*
  • Sara A. Ruby
  • Walter and Mary Rucki*
  • Stephen L. Rudacille and Gayle P. Rudacille
  • Linda J. Ruediger
  • Mary L. Russell
  • Marie and Desi Saludes
  • Helen A. Samaras*
  • Arleen and Irving Sanders
  • Mark and Susan Scaglione
  • Gerald L. Schick*
  • Willard and Arlene Schrock*
  • Jay and Maria Scott
  • Norman J. Seitz and Tina Perry Seitz*
  • Dale and Nancy Sells
  • T. Terrell and Neva Sessums*
  • Jerry E. Shellabarger*
  • Elinor Jane Short*
  • Martin and Ruth Silbiger
  • Donald and Cynthia Silvestri
  • William H. Simon, Jr.*
  • Joan M. Sina
  • James Milton Sloane*
  • James E. Smart*
  • Leo Smith*
  • Linda C. Smith*
  • Mary B. Smith*
  • Alfred Smith
  • Edward* and Nancy Smith
  • Shirley M. Smith
  • Jane E. Sobotta
  • William and Sheila Spires
  • Catherine Spoor*
  • Hilda Spradlin*
  • Maureen and Evan Staggenborg*
  • Mary E. Stanton
  • Marilou W. Staples
  • Barbara and William Starkey
  • Alfred J. and Doris C. Staubitz*
  • Gerald H. Stead, Esq.*
  • Shirley Steiss*
  • Alexandria Stephens
  • Jean E. Stevenson*
  • Leo and Karen Stutzman
  • Matthew and Kimberly Hoffman
  • Peter and Sandra Swift
  • Thomas James Szikszay*
  • Mr. John T. Taylor
  • Sharon and Ted Taylor
  • Dr. Susan M. Taylor
  • Philip J. Thalman
  • Robert and Suzanne Thomas*
  • Meredith A. Thornton
  • Janet P. Todd*
  • Kimberly D. Tope
  • Beverly K. Topmiller
  • Claudia O. Tosca*
  • Kenneth and Esther Tuttle*
  • Martha Vaguener
  • Mike and Trisha Van Petten
  • John A. Varnado, Jr.
  • Ted and Marian D. Ver Schure DeVries*
  • Cristina Vera
  • Martha E. Vernon*
  • Adeline J. Volkman*
  • Kenneth and Doris Waggoner*
  • Leo Waggoner*
  • Nancy H. Wallace
  • Robert Walters
  • Grace and Andy Huang
  • Walter F. Weisseg*
  • Henry and Lennie Wells
  • Judith A. West*
  • Karen E. West
  • Jason and Erin Whidden
  • Michelle White-Chesnovsky
  • Carolyn S. Whiting*
  • Erna C. Wilder*
  • Beth A. Wilkinson
  • Bonita B. Williams*
  • Rosemarie E. Williams*
  • Van and Sally Williams
  • Eva M. Wills*
  • D. David and Kimberly Woods
  • Catherine J. Wooley-Brown
  • Ronald and Joy Worley
  • Elizabeth K. Yeomans*
  • Deborah L. Young
  • Reverend Catherine M. Zatsick
  • Gene V. Zenobia and Marjorie D. Zenobia*


Tom and Diana Cornett
Dorothy Thomas Foundation
David and Millie Redmond
Dr. Martin and Ruth Silbiger
Vinik Family Foundation


“Your last will and testament is your final teaching.  What do you want it to say to your children?” – Rabbi Mordechai Leibling

Learn more about Legacy Giving



What is the role of Metropolitan Ministries Foundation?

Metropolitan Ministries Foundation ensures the long-term sustainability of Metropolitan Ministries, Inc. and its lifesaving programs for vulnerable people in our community. By carefully investing its resources, the Foundation offers consistent and reliable support for the Ministries, and helps sustain the Ministries during any unforeseen crisis, such as an economic downturn, health pandemic or natural disaster.

Who oversees Metropolitan Ministries Foundation?

Metropolitan Ministries Foundation has an independent Board of Directors with financial and governance oversight. Rev. Morris Hintzman is President Emeritus of the Foundation and Molly James is Chief Executive Officer. Metropolitan Ministries Foundation will grant up to 5% of its resources to the Ministries every year.

How is the money in the Foundation protected and invested?

Foundation assets are currently invested for long-term growth with Vanguard, the fund manager selected to be the Foundation’s outsourced chief investment officer. Vanguard is an asset manager with over $7 trillion in global assets. The Foundation incurs a fee of 20 basis points for Vanguard’s services.

What are some of the ways I can support the Foundation?

Besides contributing cash or appreciated stock, the Foundation is uniquely equipped to accept all kinds of complex gifts. We can work with you to create gifts through real estate, privately held stock, cryptocurrency, oil and mineral rights, life insurance and retirement plans or other appreciated assets. You may also establish a charitable gift annuity to pay you income for life, and then support the Foundation beyond your lifetime.

Who makes investment decisions for the Foundation?

Metropolitan Ministries’ Investment Committee establishes the investment policy statement and guidelines for the Foundation. As the outsourced chief investment officer, Vanguard makes investments for the Foundation, and reports fund performance to the Investment Committee on a quarterly basis.

Why do gifts from wills and bequests benefit the Foundation?

When you are inspired to include Metropolitan Ministries in your will, you are creating a lasting legacy.  Legacy gifts memorialize your faith, your values and your care for families who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness in our community. The Foundation assures vulnerable families will always rely on the Ministries’ services and programs, and celebrates you as part of our most cherished group of givers known as the Legacy Society.