Metropolitan Ministries is partnering with Hispanic Services Council and the School District of Hillsborough County to provide a new program to families in 10 identified schools.

Pathways to Hope is a homeless prevention program that provides support to families who are experiencing economic instability and/or housing insecurity. The program is designed to provide support to families based on their personal, social, and community networks’ strengths and is specially tailored to each family based on their current situation and needs. The goal is to assist families with attaining housing stability.

Pathways to Hope addresses three areas impacting families at-risk of homelessness which include 1) affordable housing, 2) income, 3) overall family well-being.

  • Lewis Elementary
  • Robinson Elementary
  • Forest Hills Elementary
  • Oak Park Elementary
  • Greco Middle
  • Jennings Middle
  • Mango Elementary
  • Pinecrest Elementary
  • Dover Elementary
  • Turkey Creek Middle

Services are offered year-round and include:

Safe and Stable Housing
  • Housing search and placements assistance
  • Rent and utility financial assistance and referrals
  • Budgeting assistance
Increase Income
  • Employment soft-skill training
  • Career planning
  • Adult education/vocational planning and enrollment
Overall Family Well-Being
  • Basic needs (food, clothing )
  • Parenting support and education
  • Referrals for childcare, healthcare, children’s services
  • Partner cultivation to support families, other identified family needs


Pathways to Hope will serve families with children at the following Hillsborough County Public Schools: Lewis, Robinson, Forest Hills, Oak Park, Greco, Jennings, Mango, Pinecrest, Dover, and Turkey Creek.


Contact the Family Resource Specialist or School Social Worker at your child’s school.


Services will be provided through Family Resource Specialists who will meet families in the location they are residing or at a location convenient for the family.

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Family homelessness has been steadily growing among students in the School District of Hillsborough County, due to lack of affordable housing for low-income families, limited wage growth, and rising cost of living/inflation.

At the 10 schools participating, between 5% – 16% of students are experiencing homelessness. Homelessness impacts children’s outcomes in many areas, including mental health and educational success.

The Family Resource Specialists will join the lives of the school, building relationships with teachers, school social workers, administrators, parents, and students. All services are mobile and can be offered in space provided at the school, in the home, or at another location convenient for the family. Some services will also be accessed virtually through the “Virtual Uplift U” platform, which provides life skills training.

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