You can support the mission of Metropolitan Ministries by naming Metropolitan Ministries as a beneficiary on your:

  • Life insurance policy
  • Deferred annuity
  • IRA
  • Qualified retirement plan (401-k or 403-b plan)
  • Bank Account (called Payable on Death account)
  • Investment Account (called Transfer on Death account)

You may leave any percentage, or even all, of your death benefit as a charitable gift to fund our scholarships for the families we serve.

Arrange a Gift at Any Percentage

You may designate any amount you choose, from 1% to 100%. You may wish to leave the full death benefit for Metropolitan Ministries. If family protection is still important for you, you may want to leave a smaller percentage (5% -10%) as your gift. Either way, you are making an important contribution to the work of Metropolitan Ministries.

Simple to Arrange

These gifts are very easy to arrange. Simply obtain a beneficiary designation form from your insurance company or your agent. If you are using a group life insurance policy, ask for this form at your benefits office. After you have completed your Beneficiary Designation Form, return it to the company.

These Gifts Bypass Probate

Gifts by beneficiary designation also avoid probate. Your gift will pass directly to Metropolitan Ministries after your death, usually within a few weeks. Once you make your arrangements, please let us know. If possible, please send us a copy of your new beneficiary designation form, so we can thank you properly and include you in the Legacy Society. Questions? Contact John Morgan 813.209.1092 (office) – 727.423.4000 (cell).

Types of Charitable Bequests

You can donate many types of assets with a specific bequest, including cash, bank accounts, real estate, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and personal property. You may also leave a certain fixed percentage of your estate as a percentage bequest. Another strategy is to use a residual bequest to make a gift of whatever is left after you have taken care of your relatives.

Arranging Your Bequests

You will need to visit a lawyer to have your bequest added to your will or living trust. The legal fee is usually very modest, and your lawyer will make sure you have all of the other documents you need, like a living will and a durable power of attorney. If you have recently had your will or trust drafted, your lawyer can easily add an amendment (or codicil), stating your bequest to Metropolitan Ministries.

Bequest Language

To name Metropolitan Ministries in your will, please provide your attorney with our Bequest Language Sheet, which provides our correct legal name and address. Once you have made your charitable bequest arrangement, please let us know about it, so we can thank you properly and include you in the Legacy Society.

Questions? Call John Morgan – work: 813.209.1092 | cell: 727.423.4000.