Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Metropolitan Ministries, we affirm that all are welcome here. Using the example of Jesus Christ who loved all, served all and gave his all, we invite all to connect with us, regardless of faith, race, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, ability, gender identity or expression, and without discrimination or judgment.

We acknowledge each person comes to us as a unique child of God who is worthy of dignity and respect, and as a trauma-informed organization, we recognize that we all come to this place with different experiences of the world.

Our clients are disproportionally impacted by systemic inequalities and discrimination, and our commitment to alleviating suffering, promoting dignity, and instilling self-sufficiency starts with listening to their stories, recognizing the value that these stories hold, and removing barriers to care.

How we strive to do this:

We Alleviate Suffering by:
  • Reaching out to serve those in communities disproportionally impacted by systemic inequalities and discrimination, through proven effective and innovative programs.
  • Ensuring all in need have access to our services by offering programs across the Tampa Bay area in high need neighborhoods, both virtually and in-person.
  • Offering care that recognizes the importance of accommodations for physical or language barriers, and an understanding of how mental health and neurodivergence can impact the quality-of-service delivery for our most vulnerable neighbors.
  • Striving to quickly identify emerging needs and gaps in services and embrace new technologies to improve service delivery.
  • Working to provide culturally competent services that honor and validate the experiences of the people we serve.
We Promote Dignity by:
  • Acknowledging that resiliency is often built through overcoming trauma.
  • Striving to ensure that our volunteers, staff, community partners, and leaders reflect the diversity of those we serve.
  • Fostering the physical and psychological safety that is necessary to join our mission as a client, staff member, or community partner.
  • Providing individualized care that respects each person’s God given right to make personal choices, coming along side those we serve as guides and companions through their life journey.
  • Training all staff and clients in trauma-informed care, knowing that everyone has a personal story, respecting each person’s story and using what we learn together to better understand each other.
  • Seeking engagement, feedback and participation reflecting all the diversity of those we serve, giving voice to all, and honoring this feedback with action.
We Instill Self-Sufficiency by:
  • Understanding that the economic wellbeing and richness of our communities is dependent on all people having opportunities to succeed.
  • Acknowledging that self-sufficiency requires a network of support that gives everyone an opportunity to participate and support others.
  • Ensuring all are offered support in building, accessing, and navigating the network of community resources available to them.
  • Ensuring sustainability of resources through diverse funding sources including community donations, corporate support, and public and private grants.

Just as partners from different congregations came together to form Metropolitan Ministries in 1972, we continue to reflect the community around us as we are called to serve. We care about diversity, equity, and inclusion because we want all people to know they are welcome and belong in this place, whether they are a client, staff person, or volunteer.

Our commitment to stewardship calls us to examine and reflect on the ways in which we serve to ensure that we are meeting community needs.

We welcome your feedback on this journey. Please email your concerns to info@metromin.org