A heart of generosity

Lily believes in the power of sharing, even when times are tough. She’s not been able to provide food for herself, but had the dream of making a meal for her 18 grandchildren who were also struggling with hunger. It felt impossible until she came to Metropolitan Ministries to find the resources she needed to make that dream a reality.

What’s behind such extraordinary kindness?

Compelled by faith

“It makes me feel happy and blessed and encouraged to be able to do this,” Lily says, the joy in her voice plainly evident in her simple explanation.

But Lily admits there is more to her generosity than just a good feeling. She says she is compelled by her faith to be a “good giver.”

“May the good Lord continue to give you courage and strength. We’ll get through this together.”
-Lily, expressing her appreciation to friends of Metropolitan Ministries

Lily is first grateful to God for His provision during times of great need. But she also acknowledges the good work being done by Metropolitan Ministries to help thousands of families every month.

“ … so much love to give”

“Metropolitan Ministries helps anybody in need. They have so much love to give,” she said, before turning her attention to Metro donors. “May the good Lord continue to give you courage and strength.”

Ever hopeful, she quickly added one more bit of encouragement: “We’ll get through this together.”

When you support Metropolitan Ministries at Easter time, you give people in need emergency food and other daily essentials. But you also give them something beyond meeting their material needs, filling their hearts with hope, encouragement, and gratitude.

There are so many good reasons to give today to help people like Lily.  When you give now, you can multiply the good you do 10X!

Give now, and your impact will go far beyond the person who receives the gift you provide – at least 10 times as far. Here’s how many lives were impacted when Lily got help…

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