A word of gratitude for you

“I think I dropped the phone. I was so happy.” That was Betty’s reaction when she heard that your support of Metropolitan Ministries would enable her to get through a recent rough patch.

“At the time, I didn’t have much to eat,” she says. “It was a hardship. But Metro is helping me to get through this.”

Betty is typical of the people who are calling on us in the wake of COVID-19. A retired school teacher, Betty has always been self-sufficient. She has also given back to the community by serving as a foster grandparent.

“They give you a stipend,” she told us. “I was volunteering up to 40 hours per week, so the stipend helped me a lot, because I live on a fixed income.” Unfortunately, the foster program was suspended in March due to the pandemic. Betty fell into a financial hole for the first time in her life.

Thankfully, someone at her apartment management office left a note on her door, letting her know that Metro is helping people who are struggling because of the coronavirus.

“We have the responsibility for caring for each other. This help has helped me to help others — to keep hope moving.” — Betty

At first, Betty wasn’t sure she should apply for assistance. She knew that many people in Tampa Bay were suffering even more than her. “But then I thought I should try,” she says. “God could have a blessing for me.”

He did. And so did YOU!

Because you and other friends give generously, Betty received the assistance she needed, including gift cards to help her buy groceries. “I’ve always known that Metro helps people,” she says. “But I didn’t know all the programs they had for moms and babies, the housing, and help for people like me.”

She continues, “I had never gone through needing help before. I’m happy in life because Metro helped me. This has taken some great weight off my shoulders.

“I’m thankful and won’t forget how wonderful Metro’s donors have been to me and everyone they’ve helped during this time. Now I’m okay, and I’m thankful.”