Beating the odds: Mary and Avangelea’s story

The odds were stacked against Mary and her daughter, Avangelea, when they first came to Metropolitan Ministries. Not only was this family grieving over the loss of Mary’s brother and the murder of her ex-husband, but both Mary and Avangelea were struggling with mental health issues. Many others like them simply get lost in the system. They spend years trying to come out from under a dark cloud of despair that seems to follow them wherever they go. But Mary and Avangelea took a different path — and found hope the minute they stepped inside our doors.

“I’m thankful for the help we received at Metropolitan Ministries,” Mary says. “Before coming here, I had to do everything on my own and it was tough.”

Tough and resilient

“Tough” is probably an understatement where this mother and daughter are concerned. Mary has been diagnosed with severe anxiety, depression, and borderline personality disorder — conditions that forced her to quit her job. The stress of not having a steady income, combined with Avangelea’s ADHD, was like a heavy weight Mary was carrying around on her shoulders.

But thanks to you and our caring staff, that burden has been lifted. Mother and daughter appear to have beaten the odds, relishing the new life they have found. No longer are regular meals a problem, since your giving has provided them with food. No longer is treatment for their mental health issues a problem, since your giving has connected them with mental health resources. And no longer do they feel alone in their struggles, as you have come alongside them and provided counseling, guidance, and hope that tomorrow doesn’t have to look the same as yesterday. These changes have made such an impact on Avangelea that she’s even interested in joining a local church youth group. This would have seemed unimaginable just a few months ago.

Simple miracles

After having made such dramatic progress, Mary’s desires are simple.

“I just want peace,” she says.

When you support Metropolitan Ministries, you do so much good. Whether it’s something as simple as providing food. Or as complicated as helping people live productive lives, despite mental health challenges. You inspire hope, which is why we’re inviting you to give again. Because, as Mary and Avangelea will tell you, it makes all the difference!