One Accident Away from Homelessness

Breaking down stereotypes about homelessness and providing insight into how someone ends up in a bad situation allows for better understanding and care of those who need help. A Metro Immersion is a great way to get started!

During the first Metro Immersion in Pasco, we had the youth group from Fellowship Community Church of Spring Hill spend a few days with us, learning about how to help fight homelessness. At the end of the program, we had a Q&A session where the question was posed:

“Can health problems lead to homelessness or poverty?”

Becca (name has been changed for privacy reasons), a FCC team leader, answered yes, and shared her story.

When Becca’s dad was injured three years ago, their family almost lost everything. Her uncle was staying with them at the time, and they were living off of the two small incomes Becca and her mom brought in.

They survived on food stamps until her dad recovered. But it took them almost 5 years to fully get back on their feet.

Becca’s story is an example of how someone you know, or even yourself and your family, are often just one accident away from facing homelessness.

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