Beware of imposters posing in the name of Metropolitan Ministries

Out of an abundance of caution as we prepare for the holiday season and expect to serve 20,000 families in need, we want to inform our community of an unfortunate scheme using our well-known name.

Metropolitan Ministries has received reports from concerned citizens of imposters posing as employees of Metropolitan Ministries soliciting donations door-to-door in the Tampa and Brandon areas. These scam artists are soliciting funds to support the good work of Metropolitan Ministries and then pocketing the money. They have created and are wearing fictitious name badges with the Metropolitan Ministries logo to appear credible. Here are the facts and tips to protect yourself and others:

• Metropolitan Ministries DOES NOT and will NEVER solicit any type of donation door-to-door.
• If you encounter this, it is fraudulent.
• Report this activity to local law enforcement and Metropolitan Ministries at 813-209-1009.
• Talk to your friends and family about it.
• Metropolitan Ministries does send branded solicitations in the mail and through ads on the web and social media.
• All Metropolitan Ministries employees wear official-issue ID badges and branded shirts.

Metropolitan Ministries wants to ensure that donations go directly to families who are truly in need. Our outreach and prevention center numbers are tripling, and we are forecasting an expanded need for people on fixed incomes or living pay check to pay check this holiday season.

For those interested in conducting a collection drive or event benefiting Metropolitan Ministries, we welcome and need your support! Please inform us in advance and register your efforts with our community donations department in advance.