“For the first time in forever, I have hope”

When Caryn and her kids came to our Tampa campus last week, they were about to give up hope. They’ve been homeless for a while and other shelters they went to turned them away.

We were able to point them in the right direction to get a shower, a warm meal and get some laundry done.

“It was the first time anyone hasn’t turned me and my kids away,” Caryn says. “I was treated like a human being.”

When they were about to leave, she realized her car battery had died.

“My son has autism and was having a meltdown.”

One of our on-campus CIS officers stepped and helped jump-start her car.

We’re still working on getting her a place to stay, but are glad we could help meet her immediate needs for food and some clean clothes.

“For the first time in forever I have hope.”

Your gifts ensure that moms like Caryn never have to worry about where their next meal or shower will come from.

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