The Right Thing at the Right Time

On Monday 6/18, Charlene, one of our Pasco volunteers, came to Metro Outfitters with brand new, men’s size 54 shorts and 5XL shirts and asked if there was a need for such a large size.

We weren’t sure if anyone would need them, but added the pants to our inventory, just in case.

Later that day, a client came in for help with food… while shopping, our volunteer leader noticed that the man had holes in his pants.

She asked him if he needed clothing, but he said “I didn’t ask for clothing cause I wear a size 54 men pants.”

What are the odds?!

We were able to give this man the brand new shorts and shirts that were donated earlier.

Volunteers like Charlene and her crew make HOPE happen in sorting all the donations so that we have the best clothing items for our clients.