Covered in Mosquito Bites

Unfortunately, as you read this, hundreds of homeless families across Tampa Bay are living in their cars, tents and in the woods in this extreme summer heat.

For little children, and expectant mothers, these conditions are dangerous. It’s not uncommon for us to see homeless children and their parents covered in bug bites coming into our outreach center desperate and afraid.

One client came for help with her nursing license which expired because she couldn’t afford to renew it. Because of that, she lost her job and eventually found herself living out of her car in a Wawa parking lot. Despite the extreme heat, she could not afford to keep her car running so she kept the windows down, allowing mosquitoes to fly in. We were able to pay for her to renew her CNA license and she was then hired as an in-home nurse and is no longer living out of her car!

More than 100 homeless families and individuals in similar situations come to us for help. These families need help — and they need it immediately.

Once that first step of alleviating their suffering from bug bites is met, there is even more that can be done. This month, we’re also asking you to join us in rescuing homeless families from Florida’s heat and humidity – and the threat of mosquito bites – by helping them to get into comfortable, safe housing.

We urge you to act today. You just might save someone’s life!