“Don’t give up” — Vernita’s Story

Vernita’s family would’ve ended up on the streets if it weren’t for your support!

Vernita didn’t want to believe it — her family’s rent jumped up by nearly $1,000.

To make matters worse, Vernita’s partner became sick. For three weeks, he was unable to work. And with seven children plus a new baby to care for, taking on an additional job wasn’t an option for Vernita.

Vernita’s household isn’t the only one in the Tampa Bay area hurting from rising rents and back-to-back weeks of no income. Vulnerable family after family keeps coming to us for help.
They’re afraid they’ll end up homeless.

For Vernita, that fear was becoming a reality.

“We got behind on rent, and they would not accept any late fees from anybody,” she says. So they did what they had to do — moved out and rented an Airbnb for $800 a week.

The Tampa Bay family was unsure how — or even if — they would see to the other side of this crisis. Vernita thought, How are we going to get forward or get on-track if we are paying an arm and a leg for a place to stay?

Just when Vernita wasn’t sure how much longer they’d have a roof over their heads, Metro reached out. Through one of Metro’s emergency housing programs, Vernita and her family were able to stay off the streets and stay together.

The temporary housing gave them the stability they needed to shift their focus from surviving to saving for their own home. “The kids loved it,” says Vernita. “They thought it was a fun place to live.”

“I don’t know where we would be without Metro Ministries.”

Vernita’s children were also enrolled in Metro’s Sullivan Partnership School, where they were able to build towards bright futures, growing academically, socially, and emotionally.

Eventually, with hard work and vital support, Vernita and her family were able to afford their own home. Now, they’re living in a five-bedroom and three-bathroom house. “We have a backyard where the kids can go out and play,” Vernita says. “It’s great!”

“I don’t know where we would be without Metro Ministries,” says Vernita. “We could never save money paying $800 a week.”

Your partnership helps save families from homelessness, showing them that their story doesn’t end in poverty. That’s the persevering hope you shared with Vernita.

“Don’t give up. Stay positive,” declares Vernita. “It won’t always be raining, as some people say. You just gotta push through and want it. You gotta want to do better.”

Thanks to you, Vernita’s family pushed through to the hope on the other side of their struggles. Today, you can help even more Tampa Bay neighbors overcome the hurdles of poverty!