Single dad finds hope after COVID-19

For Will, 2020 was a perfect storm. Battered by a life-threatening medical crisis for his newborn son, frightening financial loss, and the stress of all the uncertainty, he didn’t know what to do.

A single dad who is trying to reconcile with his son’s mom, Will felt desperate and alone. His now 22-month-old son was born nine weeks premature. “He has a ton of medical needs,” says Will. “He spent the first two and a half months of his life in the hospital. We were concerned that he wouldn’t make it, and that kept me out of work a lot.”

After Will’s son got out of the hospital, the little guy had 10 doctor visits in just the first month. Will missed two weeks of work. “It was financially and emotionally draining,” says Will. The medical bills and lost income were quickly dragging this struggling family further down.

Stress, doubt, deep need

The stress only made matters worse, says Will. “Spiritually, I had a lot of doubts. I prayed for a miracle and someone to help me. Then I learned about Metropolitan Ministries.”

A friend told him that he and his tiny son should contact us for food and other help. He researched Metro and learned that we could provide groceries, diapers, and more. Within a few days of getting in touch, help was on the way.

Will says you and other Metro supporters really came to the rescue. “I was praying for help, and you came through in a pinch. I was on the brink of giving up.”

“Now I get diapers almost every week,” he says. “And the amount of food is incredible. I also got some toys for my son to play with. It was just the blessing I had been praying for. It’s awesome.”

Caught in the wake of COVID-19

Like so many Tampa Bay families, Will and his son are still feeling the impact of the pandemic — job loss, slashed incomes, and fear of the unknown. The outbreak damaged his employer’s business so badly that Will has seen his hours cut dramatically. “To have no work and lots of idle time is really taking a toll. I’d rather be working,” he says.

Will and his son are still struggling. “Even if the crisis was to disappear today,” he says, “financially I’m so far in over my head right now, it’ll take a long time to get to where I want to be.”

But Will is grateful for all the help he has received. “Metro donors are a godsend and a blessing. Nothing makes me feel better than getting food and diapers and knowing I don’t have to struggle or stress,” he raves. “It’s a weight lifted off me.”

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