Forever Grateful

Janay’s lack of education was a barrier to her employment. The programs you provide helped her catch up and land a good job.

A single mother of two, Janay came to Metropolitan Ministries following a series of setbacks that would have thrown just about anyone off track.

She was trapped in domestic violence and then lost her place to live. Tampa Bay’s runaway rental market put just about any housing out of her reach. Unable to afford a roof over her head, she and her children were desperate, hoping we’d be able to help.

Thanks to you, Janay’s family was able to find shelter, support, and so much more.

“I’m blessed that Metro was able to help.”

During her time at Metro, Janay was able to take advantage of the wide variety of stabilizing programs you make possible, including transitional housing, transportation, and education services.

She tells us, “While at Metro, there was an amazing group of women who helped me. I am forever grateful.”

Barriers to employment

Janay’s biggest challenge was employment qualifications. And while she wasn’t initially confident in her ability to succeed, Janay worked hard to get her GED. Then Metro assisted her with a job search, including completing job applications and preparing for interviews.

It wasn’t long before she was able to land a series of temporary and part-time jobs in security and as a shuttle driver. With some work experience under her belt, Janay was able to advance to a full-time position — all with Metro’s help.

From there, she was invited by the Transportation Security Administration to apply for work with them. After completing their screening process, she was offered a full-time job at Tampa International Airport, making a good wage and even receiving a signing bonus.

Today, Janay is in affordable housing with her two kids. “I’m blessed that Metropolitan Ministries was able to help me and my family. I don’t know where we would be today if they had not taken us in.”

Life-transforming fundamentals

Like so many people who seek help at Metropolitan Ministries, Janay just needed some help getting started down the pathway to success — an array of emergency and longer-term services.

To make ongoing stability possible, your generosity provides not only food, shelter, and clothing, but also extensive wrap-around services, including catch-up education; life, parenting, and job skills training; and affordable transitional housing. It’s all wrapped in Gospel hope.

These are the keys to self-sufficiency so many of our neighbors lack that contribute directly to their poverty. Your prayers and financial support provide what they need most!