From Alcohol Addiction to Working at Metro: Barbara’s Story

For years, whenever life became unbearable, Barbara leaned on alcohol. And each time, drinking only added a new layer of misery to her already chaotic life. When she was 12, her mother and father separated. Instead of running to her mom for comfort, Barbara began drinking with the boys in her neighborhood. Four years later, Barbara’s mom moved away. But Barbara didn’t go with her. To handle the rejection, she began drinking and partying heavily. That only added to the despair that now consumed every waking moment.


Over the next 10 years, Barbara got involved in two abusive relationships — and had two kids. Both times she ended up homeless and turned to alcohol to keep from facing her new reality. But there was no hiding the truth between the drinking and the poor decisions. Barbara was slowly destroying her life.

Just when Barbara was ready to surrender to the destructive urges that dogged her day and night, she found Metropolitan Ministries — and discovered a whole new way of living Instead of alcohol, she prayed whenever life took an unexpected turn. Instead of seeking comfort in destructive relationships, she surrounded herself with counselors and teachers who taught her how to be strong under pressure. Eventually, good won out over evil, bringing Barbara a peace she had never known before.

“I began enjoying every day when I woke up,” she says.

“I can’t even put into words the joy I felt in my heart.”


The 11 months she stayed at Metropolitan Ministries “changed my life,” Barbara says. “It gave me enough time to grow up and leave all my bad habits behind.” In their place is now a formula for success, a formula for not only healing, but serving others.

“Thank you, Jesus, for bringing me here,” she says.

To show her appreciation for what she’s been given, she now works with Metropolitan Ministries in Pasco, helping people like her and loving those who need it most.

“This will forever be my home because this is where my life began,” she explains. “Every day, I ask Jesus to let His light shine through me.”

Barbara was fortunate. At her lowest point, she found Metropolitan Ministries and turned her “tests” into a “testimony.” If you are able, please give again — and help others like Barbara in their own journeys out of darkness into God’s marvelous light.