Having Metro as an ally made all the difference to Christopher — thanks to YOU!

Growing up, Christopher felt like nobody believed in him . . .

  • Not his high school counselor, who suggested that he “drop out” his senior year, even though he was only three credits shy of graduating.
  • Not his friends, who reluctantly let him flop on their living room sofa from time to time, although he was homeless for most of his teenage years.
  • Not even his own relatives — who knew him best! — weren’t much help in offering him advice to move his life forward.

Although Christopher admits his stubbornness and prideful spirit sometimes got in the way, “it still hurt” to be rejected by so many people he should have been able to trust.

It was at the height of COVID when Christopher hit rock bottom…and, ironically, found compassion in a place that had been there all along: Metro Ministries.

Unlike others, we believed we could help Christopher reach his full potential. Not only did we help him chart a new course for his life, but we also helped his fiancée, Leslie. Together, the two of them have earned their GEDs, gone to couples counseling, and benefited greatly from the personal and career advice they both received.

“Metro offered me a lot more than I ever thought I’d get,” Christopher says. “For the first time, I’m not living with a family member or mooching off a friend. I’ve got a place of my own!”

Since Leslie gave birth to a healthy baby boy, the couple are now focused on creating a better future for their child, as well as each other. “We want to give our boy opportunities that we never had,” Christopher explains. “We want him to be able to do whatever he wants to do.”

This family’s hope is reborn — and it’s made possible by God’s grace and your giving.

“This place (Metro Ministries) is exactly what’s advertised,” Christopher says. “They will help you do anything you want to do or have the ability to do.” Then he quickly adds, “Leslie predicted this program would help us get back on our feet and put us in a better position than we’ve ever been in our lives. Sure enough, that’s exactly what’s come true!”

When you support Metro Ministries, you help change lives. Whether it’s feeding someone who is struggling with hunger and homelessness or helping a family like Christopher’s that just needs someone to come alongside them offering encouragement and support.

Christopher found Metro when nobody else believed in him. Please let me hear from you today so that we can help others find their own path to a brighter tomorrow.