Hot car? Or safe bed? You decide.

Every time we walk through our outreach and prevention center and look into the eyes of hurting children, we get a sobering thought…

we have to do more.

For homeless families, their car might be the only safe place to sleep.

But this isn’t safe, especially for little children.

While it might be alright in the winter or spring, they come to us for help in the summer because it becomes impossible to live in a car or a storage unit in this stifling heat.

But the truth is, donations slow down during the summer months. Even when we expect to serve 50% more families this summer! This pushes our resources to the limit.

That is why we’re asking you to help replenish the EMERGENCY IMPACT FUND.And your donation will be matched!

We see children covered in bug bites. We see fear, hunger, and a troubling sadness. Mostly because they aren’t sure what comes next.

Parents and their children come here scared and desperate. Thanks to your gift today, they will now have hope and real solutions.