How Vanessa got her life back — in her own words

I remember hearing my phone ring and looking at the unfamiliar number on the caller I.D. I hesitated. But the Holy Spirit told me, This is a call that you don’t want to miss. I picked up, and the caller said, “Good morning! I work at Metropolitan Ministries, and we would love to have you come in for your interview”. I let out a scream of joy and said, “Yes! Thank you, God!

The day I took this call, our lives changed forever.

I had heard about Metropolitan Ministries through a co-worker. She told me that if I can get into this amazing place, it would make all the difference for us. We’d lived in shelters and had to sleep on families’/friends’ couches. But when God placed us into Metropolitan Ministries’ care, this gave me the mental capacity, the opportunities, the resources, and the ability to reach my goals.

“I am a stronger person inside and out, thanks to the amazing angels at Metropolitan Ministries.”

When we first moved into Metropolitan Ministries, I was broken mentally because I had to endure so much in such a short time span. My son was getting into trouble at school. I was on the verge of losing him. The family we were staying with kicked us out. This meant I no longer had childcare, resulting in me losing my job and my car. All of this happened within a couple of months. I had no other help.

Metro told me I could rise up and once again be an overcomer despite all that took place.

Metropolitan Ministries has not only supported us mentally, but they also gave us beds to sleep in; our air-conditioned room; hot meals prepared daily for us; a safe, supportive environment in which to raise my son (despite COVID-19); life-skills classes; even free dental and healthcare. And when the time comes for us to move on, they’ll help us find affordable housing. All of this has been provided to us at no cost.

“All of these resources have helped us exceed our goals.”

I have also been able to go back to school. After graduation, I’ll have a bright future as a hairstylist. I have also overcome my financial burdens by learning the proper way to budget and save.

When I first got to Metro, a goal was to get my son the help he needed. He had been having significant issues behaving in school. But with Metro’s help, we were able to get to the root of his problems. My son has made a full comeback.

Most important, during our time here, I have been able to grow closer to God. Today, I am a better lover of Christ, a better mom, and a better woman.

Metropolitan Ministries has provided us with so much help. I am in awe and forever grateful. Without any hesitation, I can say they have helped me achieve every single goal I had.

Although I was shaken up, I would not want to change this season of my life for anything. By working diligently with my case manager, I have been able to get my life back. I am a stronger person inside and out, thanks to Metropolitan Ministries.

Each team member has poured their wisdom and encouragement into us. There are not enough words to describe how grateful and blessed we are by Metropolitan Ministries’ angels. Thank you for everything and for helping us to get our joy back!

Today, Vanessa and her son have hope in their future, thanks to your support and generosity. Thank you for giving them the strength they need for a brighter tomorrow. Hope counts on you.